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Works great this compact bazic compass.

Best selling compass with big multifunction opportunities - high speed precision magnetic needle - horizontal

compass orienteering lines - scale map for mapping navigator - accurate magnifying glass maps.

Lightweight Green boyscout compasses easy to use for beginner cubscout and eagle scout.

This accurate outdoor compass is basic navigational tool in your Backpack or pocket gear.

High Quality classic plastic compass holds you feeling with safety on any outdoor adventure and read topographic map. Emergency Survival tool compass ideal for kayak, holiday camp, climbing, adventure expedition and outdoor wildlife.

Manual magnet compass with 360 degree rotating bezel, magnifier for geological maps with metric base and nylon lanyard. 

Hand held scouts compass perfect tools for outdoor travels, hiker mountain bike, cycling  and walking holiday.

This economy compass with utm map tool best accessories for world map, it can be used by adults and kid's.

With our gadget companion always be on the right track. Magneticneedle swings fast and freely point you north,

thanks to the liquid-filledcapsule (bubble free).

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