Cortland Specialty Ghost Tip 15

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The Cortland Ghost Tip 15 fly line has quickly become one of our favorite lines for both lake and stream fishing. A clear, 15ft intermediate tip line that’s ideal for fishing lake depths from 5 to 15 feet.

There is almost nothing that this line can't do. Streamers for trout and bass. Lakes and Streams. We even use this line for Pike and Striper fishing in larger rivers. Mono core so can easily be used in saltwater as well!!! One of the most versatile lines that we sell!

* 15ft Clear Intermediate Tip
* High Floating Running Line 
* Easy Handling
* Sink Rate 1.5-2 ips
* WATER: Freshwater / Saltwater
* LINE: Intermediate / Floating
* TAPER: Weight Forward
* LENGTH: 90ft
* CORE: Monofilament

Grain Weights-
5wt = 140
6wt = 160
7wt = 185
8wt = 210
9wt = 240
10wt = 280

Cortland Ghost Tip 15 Intermediate Tip Fly Line- color is Clear/Mint Green


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