RiverSmith Euro River Quiver (11'4)

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Euro RQ Design

We have seen the ever increasing market for Euro Nymphing in the fly fishing space which is why we have ultimately decided on creating a new fly rod roof rack for European style nymphing. The River Quiver Euro is an extension of our Standard River Quiver model and comes with all of the same features.


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Our Euro nymphing rod carrier will fit longer Euro rods up to 11’ 4” and offered in both silver and black. This has been a game changer for people looking to carry both standard fly rods and their Euro rods all in one fly rod carrier.

  • Euro Length River Quiver
  • Reel Box Pads
  • River Quiver Keys
  • Top and Bottom Coupler & Bolts
  • Mounts and Hardware
  • QR Card Installation Guide
  • Installation Multi-Tool
  • Length: 11'5 3/4" (accommodates rods up to 11'4")
  • Width: 2-Banger 8", 4-Banger 14.2”
  • Height: 7.4”
  • Height off Crossbar: 3 3/8" - 6" Depending on Mounts (see options below)
  • Weight: 2-Banger 24 lbs, 4-Banger 47 lbs
  • Versatile Mounting Solutions, holds rods up to 11' 4" length
  • Holds rods and reels up to 12 weight capacity
  • Lined with polypropylene liner to protect rods in transit
  • T-track on top and bottom of extrusion for mounting


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