Scientific Anglers Amplitude Textured Fly Line

Dark Waters Fly Shop

It’s hard to make a freshwater fly line that does everything well. SA designed the Amplitude Infinity line for anglers who value versatility and performance. This line is built for nymphs, streamers, dry flies, and really any typical freshwater angling scenario. With a versatile taper and built a half-size heavy, this is truly a line that works on most rods and in most angling applications. SA loaded this line with features including a camo tip that encourages stealthy presentations, and it’s easy to see why this line has received so many awards since its release. Freshwater anglers who are looking for a line that provides ultimate versatility and incredible performance, this is the line for you.




Sink Rate: Float

30’ weight 150 Grain

Head Length: 49’

Collections: Fly Line

Type: Unknown Type

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