RiverSmith ShortCut River Quiver with Truck Bed Mount



The ShortCut River Quiver paired with this revolutionary mounting system is a great option for anyone looking to conserve space in their vehicle while still getting to the river faster. Simply split your rod in half and the ShortCut RQ safely stores your rods while maximizing real estate in your vehicle - purpose built to protect your fly rods.

Now with THE most discreet River Quiver mounting option you can protect what is most important: your time, your gear, and your experience. This custom designed solution allows you to install a River Quiver ShortCut onto cargo rails in your truck OR drill-in hardware mounts directly into the bed panel. 

          ShortCut River Quiver

  • River Quiver Keys
  • Reel Box Pads
  • Rod Chairs
  • Truck Bed Mount
  • Direct-Mount Hardware
  • T-Track mount hardware
  • QR Installation Guide
  • Installation Multi-Tool
           Length: 5'8 3/4" (accommodates rods up to 10'4")
  • Width: 2-Banger 8"
  • Weight: 2-Banger 15 lbs
           Holds rods up to 10' 4" length (68" length)
  • Holds rods up to 9' 6" (60" length)
  • Holds rods and reels up to 12 weight capacity, lined with polypropylene liner to protect rods in transit
  • Rod Chairs keep rod broken down in half secure to avoid tangles when fully rigged

Collections: Fly Fishing Gear

Type: Unknown Type

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